Pheromones for Women

True Trust for Women Review

TweetTrue Trust for Women is marketed by True Pheromones as a pheromone perfume that can help women gain ground in the battle between the sexes and give them another advantage. This product is supposed to help increase levels of trust between men and women and help create a bond. Customer reviews on this product are […]

True Essence for Women Review

TweetTrue Essence for Women is a new pheromone perfume for women on the market claiming to be able to raise testosterone levels in men near by and give women an advantage. Customer reviews by women that have tried this product seem to indicate that women feel that True Essence doesn’t seem to work for all […]

True Love for Women Review

TweetTrue Love for Women is one of the newer pheromone perfumes available on the market for women to use to try to enhance their chances of meeting a suitable man. This product is advertised as being able to help increase communication and deepen the trust between men and women. Customer reviews on the ability of […]

The Patch for Women Review

TweetThe Patch for Women is a pheromone product sold by True Pheromones based on an idea you might have seen portrayed in Oceans Thirteen. This product is new on the market and hasn’t really had time to develop a strong following of women. At this point in time the reviews by women concerning the ability […]

True Opener for Women Review

TweetTrue Opener for Women is a pheromone perfume women can wear to help break the ice with the opposite sex and give them an even better advantage in the battle between the sexes. A product that has received some praise by women that have given it a try, True Opener for Women has also been […]

True Communication for Women Review

TweetTrue Communication for Women is a new product on the marketing claiming to be able to help women meet more women and give them the advantage in social situations. Customer reviews on this product are few at this point, with some women believing this product helped them with men, while other women think this product […]

True Sexiness Review

TweetTrue Sexiness is advertised as a pheromone perfume for women containing a blend of three human pheromones that can help women open up lines of communication between the sexes and increase sexual desire in men. This is a new product on the market that hasn’t developed a strong customer base of women that have tried […]

Pherone W-1 Review

TweetPherone W-1 is a product marketed as pheromone that claims to help women become more attractive to the opposite sex. The manufacturer claims this product contains human copulins and 4 mg of human pheromones, but provides no hard scientific data to support their claims. This product has shown some popularity with women looking for a […]

Passion Copulin Concentrate Review

TweetPassion Copulin Concentrate is marketed as a pheromone perfume capable of helping women attract more men. This product has been relatively popular with women looking for something to help them become more attractive to men. The product reviews of women trying Passion Copulin Concentrate have varied, with some women thinking this product works, while others […]

Pheromax Woman Review

TweetPheromax for Women is a product sold as pheromone perfume by Love Scent. This product is advertised as for women who need a little help attracting men and the manufacturer claims this product contains 14 ml of human pheromones. This product was originally developed in Germany and has been around for a few years. The […]