2011 Best Pheromones

The site was created to rate, review, and compare various pheromone products available to consumers today. There are many sites that review these products, so we created a simple summary of our top 3 products. There are so many choices, with different ingredients, confusing studies and claims, and expensive price tags!

We rated our picks on a 5 point scale based on ingredients, results, and value. All the products below will drastically increase your natural pheromones and get you more attention in your personal/dating life as well as promote better relationships with everyone around you. Pheremones in The News

Buy PherX Pheromones
Buy PherX Pheromones
Ingredients: 4.8
Results: 4.9
Value: 5.0
Retail: $69.95
Special Offer: $39.95
Buy PherX Pheromones
Buy PherSpray Pheromones
Buy PherSpray Pheromones
Ingredients: 5.0
Results: 5.0
Value: 4.8
Retail: $89.95
Special Offer: $49.95
Buy PherSpray Pheromones
Buy Alpha Maschio Pheromones
Buy Alpha Maschio Pheromones
Ingredients: 4.1
Results: 3.9
Value: 4.1
Retail: $89.50
Buy Alpha Maschio
Best Pheromone Products

Editor’s Choice

PherX Pheromones for Men (to Attract Women)

Buy PherX PheromonesPherX Pheromones for Men have been around since 2002 and has been very popular in the Pheromone community.  For the price, you will not find a better product.The slogan for PherX is “The Science of Attraction”.  You can tell that his company is focused on research.  I have tried many brands, but I keep coming back to PherX as my go too weapon for attracting the ladies.Here is a quote I found on Amazon about PherX for Men:

“One example: I met a very attractive lady at a club one night. I thought she was completely out of my league. I am a fairly decent looking guy, so, say a 7 on the looks chart and just an average personality. I had some of this on, and this hot attractive lady was completely into me the whole night. There were countless other guys she could of been into, and she picked me. I did have other looks from women and the waitresses that night.   Needless to say the attractive lady and I left together and had a great remaining evening. But I do believe it was because of this product that this happened.”

Buy PherX for Men PherX Pheromones for Men (1 fl oz. / 30ml):

  • At $39.95 this product is a BEST BUY
  • Smells Great.  Empowers you with Confidence.
  • Since 2002, the most popular pheromone for men.
Best Pheromone Products

Best New Product

PherSpray Pheromones for Men (to Attract Women)

Buy PherSpray PheromonesPherSpray is a relatively new product that has become quite popular with many long-time pheromone users.  I rank this product slightly above PherX, but the cost is $20 higher.The PherSpray formula uses proven pheromone molecules as well as oxytocin to create a product that causes a stir from those around you.  I personally like the way PherSpray makes me feel when I wear it…  Powerful and Confident.  I think this is the Oxytocin at work.If you have the extra $10, I say go for it and choose PherSpray.  However I still recommend PherX to most people trying pheromones for the first time.
Buy PherSpray Pheromones PherSpray Pheromones for Men (1 fl oz. / 30ml):

  • Includes 10 different pheromones including Oxytocin.
  • Very popular in the Pheromone Community.
  • Women go wild when they are around a man wearing it.
Best Pheromone Products

Best in Retail

Alpha Maschio Pheromone for Men (to Attract Women)

Buy Alpha Maschio PheromonesAlpha Maschio was released a few years ago and is available at many retailers.  Mostly good reviews, but some bad ones as well. I have worn Alpha Maschio many times and have had some decent success with it. The smell was a bit funky, but the pheromone properties seemed to work.This is a good pheromone cologne to purchase to have in your collection and experiment with.  Don’t expect amazing results, but you will notice some magic.
Buy Alpha Maschio Pheromones Alpha Maschio Pheromone Cologne (1.2 fl oz. / 36ml):

  • Smells a bit funky.
  • Most people report good results.
  • Proven Success, a good addition to your pheromone collection.