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Do PherSpray Pheromones Really Work?

TweetThere is a negative stigma generally associated with pheromones for some reason. People will usually try just about everything they can think of before resorting to a synthetic pheromone spray. Tanning bed bills will begin to stack up and gym membership invoices will be coming in the mail month after month, but when none of […]

The Best Pheromones of 2012

TweetWith the amount of research that has been going into pheromone research recently, synthetic and natural pheromone products have been springing up left and right in a bid to become the best. Every year since the early 2000’s it has seemed as if the new brands have been heaping up exponentially. The sheer amount of […]

Does Realm Pheromone Cologne Really Work?

TweetRealm pheromones have been a pretty hot ticket in the industry recently, and it’s not hard to see why. Erox, the creators of the product, have been pushing it pretty heavily ever since they released it. You can also see that they have put a great deal of effort into making it appear as if […]

Does Marilyn Miglin Pheromone Really Work?

TweetMarilyn Miglin takes pride in the fact that their pheromones are specifically tailored for women. Most pheromone products tend to focus on the male market, by manufacturing chemicals designed to attract females. The pheromones that the male body produces are starkly different from those that the female body produces, thus, for a long time the […]

Does Dial Magnetic Pheromone Body Wash Really Work?

TweetDial Magnetic is not your standard body-wash, nor your standard pheromone treatment. It attempts to combine both the lustful and invigorating effect of pheromones with the cleansing and refreshing power of soapy body wash. This is a good product for anyone that is very cautious about pheromones and whether they work or not, but true […]

Do True Pheromones Really Work?

TweetTrue Pheromones seem to be one of the more prolific brands being peddled in the pheromone market if only due to creative marketing and their many sub-types. True Pheromones are much like Absolut vodka in the sense that there are so many different types within the overarching brand, like True Charisma, True Communication, True Love, […]

Scent of Eros Pheromones

TweetScent of Eros is a pheromone spray which is said to have a unique blend of ingredients such that the formula should work in attracting all types of women, young and old and of all different racial backgrounds. While it may not sound like much, this is a phenomenal step forward for all pheromone research, […]

Do Scent of Eros Pheromones Really Work?

TweetScent of Eros is a Pheromone product that tries hard to look like the designer pheromone sprays that have already made their mark on the business, but instead what the buyer is left with is a product that looks more like an old can of spray paint with some cheesy graphics on it. Of course […]

Do Pure Instinct Pheromones Really Work?

TweetPure Instinct is a pheromone product that has only recently thrown its hat in the ring, so to speak. Their claim is that women will feel more at ease around you when you use the product and that dating will become much easier. The bottle that it comes in has a much more flowery font […]

Do Pherone Pheromones Really Work?

TweetPherone formula M-11 comes with a very fancy and scientific sounding title and it is one of the latest batches of pheromone colognes that have just made it onto the market. The company benefited early on from a moderately successful marketing campaign which helped to increase interest in the product to large proportions, but does […]