Attracting Men with Pheromones

If you managed to stumble across this article, then chances are you are probably at wit’s end searching for ways to spruce up your sex appeal. It is perfectly understandable to go seeking information about pheromones, as the extent of most people’s knowledge on the subject is a few paragraphs from a textbook read in seventh grade science class. Whether you are aware of it or not though, pheromones are ever present in our daily lives, and in the working’s of our friends in the animal kingdom.

From reptiles to beetles, from bees to ants, from cats and dogs to humans, and everything in between, pheromones act as a chemical form of subconscious socialization, sending signals from one organism to the next. These signals can mean multiple things depending on the species, but in humans, the single most important message that pheromones carry is this: sex

Have you ever been ignored by men, only to see another woman who, despite all unattractive features and unappealing habits, still manages to have these same men falling all over themselves just to talk to her? Don’t start feeling too self-conscious, because chances are you’ve met a woman who was simply blessed with a higher concentration of pheromones than yourself.

The way these chemicals work is relatively simple. Pheromone molecules are present in all humans, and are generally released through bodily secretions, the most common being urine and sweat. Once released, they become airborne. Anyone within the area that breathes them in will instantly have them sent through a special organ in the nose called the VNO (Vomeronasal Organ). This organ acts as a filter, sending this special subconscious signal straight to the hypothalamus, the part of the brain known for adjusting our emotional responses, balancing our hormones, and most importantly in this case, controlling our sexual behavior.

From there it’s all up to the person breathing in all the pheromones as to how they will react. Scientists say only around 80% of humans actually do not possess a VNO at all, and that statistic alone knocks out a good one-fifth of potential candidates. More distressing still is the fact that despite all your best attempts to produce, pheromone release is uncontrollable, and some women just produce more than others.

With all those obstacles set against you, you might be just about ready to give up on this method. After all one can only sweat so much. However, companies such as have been able to take these concentrated signals and put them in a bottle that just about anyone can use. Are pheromones the be-all, end-all of sexual attraction? Will they make the difference between having an excellent date night and being stood up? The answer is a solid ‘maybe.’

While you will find thousands of pages of research showing a positive link between pheromone production and sexual arousal in the opposite sex, it is impossible to say for sure how any one person will react to being bombarded with this kind of invisible chemical assault. Some are more susceptible than others, and still others barely register pheromone signals at all. However, with the going rate per bottle being somewhere in the neighborhood of $30 dollars, ten times less than your average bottle of Clive Christian perfume, it might not be such a bad idea to pick it up. What’s the worst that could happen?

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