Do Pherlure Pheromones Really Work?

It seems like with the release of every new scientific article related to pheromone research, there is a new pheromone product springing up to complement it. While the presence of pheromones in human sweat has been common knowledge for some time, the onset of the technological revolution brought on by the internet has created an even greater demand for ways to spruce up one’s personal dating game. Thus, there is headway being made every day in pheromone research, and new products are coming out left and right to match that research. Pherlure is one of the products that seems to have been lost by the wayside. It is not nearly as popular as any of the competitor products on the market. While their advertising is every bit as creative and their website every bit as well designed as the next online storefront, for whatever reason, sales and recognition seem to come up lacking for this brand. Is this lack of attention indicative of the quality of the product, or is Pherlure a diamond in the rough? Keep reading to find out more.

Pherlure is a fairly nondescript product; it comes in a small square shaped gray spray bottle and can be used both as cologne and as a pheromone spray. The homepage of Pherlure is upfront about the fact that while spraying more than the recommended amount might surround you in a cloud of manly scent that will follow you around at the club all night, this will not make the pheromone concentration more effective. You are advised to spray just a bit on your pressure points (wrists, neck, etc.) and let the product do its job.

One of the more worrisome aspects of Pherlure though is the reviews it has been receiving from consumers. Most of the reviews found online are from biased sources such as the Pherlure homepage or from Pherlure affiliates. According to the few unbiased reviews that can be found on sites such as, it appears that most of them focus on the smell. Allegedly, it will cause members of the opposite sex to enjoy the smell, but whether the chemicals making up the pheromone concentration actually reach the nose and are translated through the hypothalamus as sexual signals is anyone’s best guess. According to one review, it has a limited effect on those that aren’t already well acquainted with you. And since most people tend to prefer attracting strangers when wearing pheromones, this might be a deal-breaker for Pherlure.

The price for a pheromone concentration including a designer fragrance is usually around 100 dollars for a small bottle. For Pherlure, the price is a paltry 50 dollars, half of the massive amount you’d have to be paying normally if you wanted to both attract the opposite sex and smell generally good while you’re doing it. However, when taking the customer reviews into account, it might be a more wise decision to stick with something with stronger reviews and a greater success rate such as PherX or PherSpray. These may not be scented, but with products such as this, users need not be concerned about whether women are being drawn in by the scent or by the pheromones. Pherlure does have a sweet price tag, but it’s meaningless if it doesn’t accomplish what you want it to.

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