Getting Women to Notice You

It is a pretty often researched question, why are rates of depression increasing as time passes by. Some people theorize that we are still connected to some primitive yearning for the old west, that human nature has some sort of innate romantic idealism attached to it. Some say that it is an oversaturation with technology, and that humans require a certain level of simplicity in their lives. While all of this may factor into it, the real reason is because more people just want to be loved. And for guys these days that have grown up under computers and television sets, sometimes it’s hard to outshine those men who were born into power lifting and weight training. Sometimes the hardest part of the dating game isn’t rejection; it’s just getting girls to notice you in the first place.

Everyone has a story in their life about an unrequited crush; someone who they really liked but who couldn’t manage to like them back. The worst of these stories usually have endings revealing that the girls never even noticed their affections at all, and ended up dating some muscle headed jock. Since when did being understated and intelligent become such an unattractive quality?

Well, finally researchers are harnessing an age old formula, whose impact on modern social interactions has only been fully realized recently. With this simple formula, which you yourself, along with everyone else, happen to be a producer of, you too can make yourself stand out from the crowd and have a fighting chance at getting noticed. Pheromones are the answer to all your problems.

If you’re like the average man, you probably aren’t too familiar with what exactly pheromones are. You may have heard some vague reference to them back in your last biology class, but they are usually not as highly remarked upon as they should be. Perhaps they still want it to be a secret, huh? Pheromones are a natural chemical produced in the human body which sends subconscious sex signals to members of the opposite sex.

The way it works is, when we sweat or pee, or release other bodily fluids, some pheromones are released into the air with them. When they are breathed in by members of the opposite sex, the part of their brain dealing with sexual behavior becomes excited and unbeknownst to that person; they will become a little looser around you. They may be touchier with you, may smile more, or may even want to have sex with you instantly. Results vary and it is hard to say how they will work for each individual person.

Unfortunately, to produce enough pheromones to have a really pronounced effect on a person, you’d need to sweat a whole lot, and sweaty men tend to turn girls off usually. The best way to truly harness your natural potential is to get the bottled stuff, carried by retailers such as Their product is designed to mimic pheromone molecules while not giving you the sweaty look or the musky smell you’d have to deal with if you tried to go all natural. Don’t let another woman get away. Make sure she notices you with the untapped power of scent.

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