Attracting College Girls with Pheromones

When every man reaches a certain age, there is at least one day where they look in the mirror and say “where has all the time gone?” One day you too are eventually going to notice that your appearance has changed considerably from what you looked like when you were in your 20’s. Of course for men that haven’t settled down yet, this realization is usually triggered by an increasing tendency to be passed up by younger women for men that are closer to their age. For men that did end up getting married, this realization comes along with the realization that you probably can’t remember the last time you had sex with your wife. Age is just a number isn’t it? You’re older and more experienced, more mature; it isn’t fair that you are being passed up for younger men, or simply being ignored all together. It may seem hopeless, but the key to change is a simple dose of pheromones.

By the time you reach an older age you’ve been around the block a few times, you probably understand how hormones work, and why pheromones work the way they do. Pheromones are chemicals regularly secreted by the body that aid in arousing members of the opposite sex, or at the very least, making them more attracted to you on a social level. The chemicals are absorbed by others through the nasal passages and translated by the hypothalamus, the part of the brain dealing with emotions and sexual behavior, and result in the person that breathed them in being much more interested in the person that’s secreting them. While they are naturally occurring, one thing that not everyone knows is that the amount of pheromones given off by a person begins to dramatically decrease with age.

Until recently there was no remedy for this issue. People of an older persuasion were forced to sit back and face the fact that they were just less sexually appealing. Today though, we have bottled pheromones provided by companies such as that will help greatly in the sexual department.

Of course putting on Pheromones won’t automatically turn you into Dean Martin or Paul Newman, it will change the way you are perceived by others. While you may not see any change in your appearance, women will see you as more attractive physically, more intelligent, and more fun to be around. Results are hard to predict on an individual basis, but if you start using pheromones you are guaranteed to be somewhat considerably more noticed by college aged women. And after receiving attention from them for some time, you will begin to see yourself differently as well. You will begin to have an increased self esteem.

How do you think Hugh Hefner manages to have so many women surrounding him all the time despite the fact that he looks like he’s auditioning for the role of The Crypt Keeper in a Tales from the Crypt remake? I’m betting pheromones have something to do with it. If you’re interested in increasing your sex appeal and attracting a younger demographic, then the men at specialized dealers such as can help you out. Don’t let your age stop you, pheromones are for everyone!

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