How to Attract Women

You’ve probably heard of the Seven Wonders of the World before, creations that are as magnificent as they are mysterious. Well, now that most of them have been destroyed by various natural disasters, many modern men are thinking it’s high time to come up with a new list, with the first entry being: Women. For longer than we can measure, men have always remarked on women as being extremely difficult to understand, operating on an entirely different level than men in terms of what and who they find attractive. But with the help of good old fashioned science, researchers think they have found the great equalizer, the thing which activates the female sex drive, and it’s been inside your body all along. The answer is pheromones.

Pheromones are chemical agents present within the skin that are released when we sweat, urinate, expel any sort of bodily secretion really. Despite what society and the media tell us today about how we need to look and smell and act in order to attract the opposite sex, this primitive scent that humans and most other animals (and even some species of plant) possess, is just as important a factor as anything else you can imagine. Unfortunately for our ancestors, it was one that we couldn’t really control unless we were willing to try anything short of rubbing yourself down with a pile of other men’s undergarments. Luckily today we have resources such as that bottle a chemical titration of molecules designed to mimic those same pheromones we excrete so often.

When we release pheromones into the air, and they are breathed in by women, the scent is detected by a special organ in the nose that is designed for just that purpose. It is then transferred to the emotion center of the brain where it is processed and understood as sexual attraction. Owning a bottle of pheromones is like owning sex in a bottle.

This is only a slight exaggeration, believe it or not. Of course there is no product you can spray on your skin that will result in immediate sex, but a noticeably increased concentration of pheromones being emitted by your body will give you an extra boost in social situations. Because of how differently individuals operate on their own, it is impossible to predict exactly how someone will feel when they have been given a dose of pheromones upfront. Unlike bees and ants, the way humans deal with pheromones is much more delicate and a lot more subconscious.

If you do apply some product to yourself, while you may not immediately be rewarded with sex, you will notice that women will begin to feel more comfortable touching you. They will feel more at ease smiling and conversing with you. Men will be more respectful of you. Of course now that you know that you excrete these chemicals every day, you might be wondering why you should consider paying money for them. Well for one, with the bottled stuff, you can apply it directly without having to get yourself all sweaty and gross or having to pee excessively. Also a higher dose will only help your chances. So if you already produce a lot of the stuff naturally, a bottle of pheromones could mean the difference between foreplay and sex.

Its up to you to decide how you’ll use this information now that you’ve been educated about pheromones, but if you don’t get yourself a bottle, then don’t be alarmed when you start seeing toothpick-armed nerds pulling more women than you. Pheromones are nature’s love potion.

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