How to Pick Up Chicks

If you’re a single man, then you’ve probably noticed that for whatever reason, it is getting harder and harder to pick up chicks. Back in the sixties all it took was a simple dance invitation and from then on a girl would be yours, but society these days is much less formal, and choices are much more abundant. Especially since the world of internet dating has become extremely popular in recent years, what is a normal guy supposed to do?

The main methods of picking up chicks usually involve “hitting on” someone until they get the message. There is a world of difference between hitting on someone and simply flirting with them, and some girls are more open to one form than the other. Hitting on someone is more aggressive, and more direct. It usually involves making frank remarks about their appearance and expressing genuine interest in the fact that you are trying to get a date (or something more perhaps) out of them.

Flirting is a simple suggestion. It involves expressing interest, but never so much that the person being flirted with can tell for sure that you’re interested. This is a method employed by people that are generally shyer than their aggressive male counterparts, and is meant to leave the field open for the other person to close in on the deal.

No matter what you do or say though, in the end it is up to the women whether or not they want to do anything with you. And unless you’ve had proven success in the past, or unless they were already interested in you to begin with, then using these tactics in public areas will usually just lead to defeat and a bruised ego. But most people are already aware of this, so what can be done about it?

The answer to that question is surprisingly simple and actually, unbeknownst to you, you’ve already been doing it for quite some time; you just might not know it yet. The answer to getting women is all about pheromone production, and lots of it. Have you ever seen a man at a club that isn’t particularly good looking being totally surrounded by attractive women? While the secret to his success may lie in money, it could just as easily be pheromones, and you’d be unable to tell.

A little insight about pheromones: They are a chemical that is naturally produced by the body when we sweat, urinate, or expel most bodily fluids. These chemicals are used by all kinds of species to communicate all kinds of different things. Ants use them to get other ants to follow them to a food source. Certain plants and sea anemones use them to let others of their species know that it’s time to mate, but for humans in particular they are our greatest way of sending out subconscious sex messages to anyone that’s tuned in.

When the molecules are breathed in by someone of the opposite sex, they immediately stimulate the part of the brain that deals in emotions and sexual behavior and makes them excited. While it may not make them want sex instantly, it will make them more inclined to touch you, they will smile more, and stare in your direction more often. Women that smell the confidence and natural sexual appeal emanating your body will be transfixed by you without even knowing that it’s happening. And once you’ve got that kind of attention, all you need to do is make the final move. You may be wondering now how you can harness this power.

Well, if it wasn’t already implied above, the first answer you’re probably thinking of is to sweat a lot. However, this will probably turn the person you are trying to attract off more than it would turn them on. Luckily there are other ways to do it, such as using the product offered on and other similar sites. This product is designed to produce chemicals that mimic pheromones, without all of the musky smell that usually comes along with our actual natural pheromone scent. Want to try a new way of picking up chicks? Well now the answer is as close as a few clicks away. Pheromones will get women to notice you, guaranteed.

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