How to Pick Up Men

Ladies have seen it countless times, men jilting them mid conversation to go ant talk-up absolutely beastly looking women. There are only so many occurrences you can chalk up to personal bad taste on the part of the man before you realize that it’s happening a little too often for comfort. Seeing the man of your dreams leave your side just to fight for the attention of a complete ogre can be pretty stressful, but hormone research suggests that none of it is your fault. If you feel like you are a lot more attractive than all the women that are getting attention, you’re probably right. The only issue is, they are probably producing more pheromones than your body can manage, and that ladies, is the answer to all of your problems.

Pheromones are the chemicals that our bodies secrete when we urinate, sweat, or release any other bodily fluids. These chemicals, when breathed in by our male counterparts, send shockwaves to their hypothalamuses which then help to magnify their perception of our qualities. “Did you really say A cup? I could have sworn you were a B.”

While it is a primal attraction and one that is brought on totally by hormones, sometimes we need men to have that initial interest in order for us to spend the rest of the night showing them why we really matter. We can’t always help it if men respond better to this type of subconscious assault than good old fashioned flirting.

The unfortunate thing though is that, if you know someone that produces more pheromones than you, then chances are they always will, and you will always, well, come up short in that regard. Naturally, there is no way to make yourself produce more pheromones than to, well, pee more or sweat more, and we all know how unattractive we’d be looking at a certain point assuming we tried hard. However there is something you can do to help level the playing field without having to destroy your clothing with sweat or alter your appearance at all and the answer to this can be found on sites such as among others. specializes in providing human pheromones in a bottle that can be sprayed on directly as if it were a perfume or cologne. These pheromones are not made from actual human sweat though so you don’t have to worry about smelling like old laundry after you spray yourself down a few times. The main aim of these pheromones is to get you more attention. While pheromones are known to excite some men more sexually than others, it is impossible to say what effect they will have overall and it usually works on a case by case or individual basis. What usage of pheromones does guarantee though is more stares, more smiles, and greater likelihood of men being touchy with you. From then on, it is up to you to be able to reel your guy in; the pheromones are just the lure. Use them correctly and you too can have men flocking to you. That will certainly make things a little more even.

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