Low Self Esteem? Pheromones are a Great Anti-depressant

Two things first. One, a lot of depression stems from romantic short-comings. People who aren’t normally noticed by women look in the mirror at night and convince themselves of how unattractive they are. Because society refuses to see them as beautiful, they have a poor self image, leading to lower self confidence and increased levels of depression. Two, pheromones have a weird reputation. They get you plenty of attention on a subconscious level, but tell anyone that you’re wearing them outright, and you will get strange looks. Anything out of the mainstream in society is looked upon as negative to some degree, which is possibly why people are so depressed and why pheromones aren’t more popular.

It is unfortunate that so much of self image is actually tied into the image that others have of you. You can only convince yourself that you are attractive for so long before lack of interest from women begins to chip away at your confidence. Funnily enough, despite the unpopularity of pheromones in mainstream society, we all have them and produce them on a daily basis. And once you realize the impact of pheromones, molecules guaranteed to get you notice by women, on your day to day lifestyle, you’ll realize why they will not only help you get luckier with the ladies, but also help to build back up your self confidence.

A small percentage of society manages to produce great quantities of pheromones daily with boundless proficiency. As it is a chemical which is released through sweat and urine and other bodily secretions, an average person would have to make themselves pretty disgusting to get to the same level as these mass producers, which is totally counter intuitive. Losing the attention of women to men that just happen to have more efficient body chemistry than you can be frustrating, but this is exactly why companies such as pherx.com exist.

Their product is pheromones in a bottle. While not actual human pheromones, the chemical they produce is designed to copy the resulting effects of pheromones when they are breathed in by someone else of the opposite sex, which is feeling more comfortable and more aroused simultaneously. This ensures that your product will be completely clean and sweat free while still having the same effects as our natural sex signals. Better yet, all it takes is a few sprays to get the maximum effect. Soon, women will become much more interested in you.

Obviously it doesn’t take much research to tell that pheromones will not make the difference someone totally snubbing you, and that same person jumping into bed with you. It is just a little bit of extra help. But for someone suffering from low self esteem or poor self image, maybe a little push is really all you need. With women feeling more comfortable with you and more loose around you, it’s all up to you and your natural charm to really seal the deal. And after a few nights of using the cologne offered at pherx.com, pretty soon you’ll have realized your own potential as well. Never forget, pheromones are completely natural. And extra spray on the wrists and neck every night you go out is just a way of helping you unlock your true potential.

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