Making Pheromones Work for You

Generally, people that are looking at articles about pheromones are probably scouring the bottom of their mind, trying to wring out the absolute last thing they can think of to help themselves be noticed by women. Nobody immediately goes online searching for pheromones until they’ve tried everything else. Men reading this have tried all of the beauty products to make themselves stand out. Hair gel, lotion, body oils, face masks, different shaving cream scents, eyebrow plucking, new haircuts, new wardrobes, colognes, you name it, and they’ve tried it. Well, isn’t it funny that it took them that long to find something that would actually work? When you use pheromones, you are guaranteed to get a response.

Unlike other products which usually only get you fleeting responses like “did you do something new with your hair? Or “are you trying a new scent?” pheromones actually physically and mentally stimulate members of the opposite sex on many subconscious levels.

When a man walks by smelling of pheromones he is certain to be noticed, and maybe even cat called. The only problem is, even though pheromones are a chemical we naturally produce, sweating and urinating all over the place in order to release them isn’t necessarily the best way to attract women. In primitive society, relieving yourself behind a bush right before clubbing a woman over her head and dragging her to your cave may have worked fine, but today we are intelligent enough to know that we should be more respectful and more tactful for ourselves and for others. Coming up to a girl today and having gloriously sweat stained armpits is going to get you laughed at in a best case scenario.

Reading something like that certainly triggers a twinge of hopelessness. After all, more and more people are being born simply without the organ in the nose that is necessary to translate pheromones into the appropriate context. With that in mind, are pheromones too primitive? Is it something that we as a society and species have simply outgrown? Whether this is true or not though is beside the point, because there are other methods, and they are right at your fingertips.

Companies such as have found a way to bottle molecules that mimic the feelings the reaction that pheromones cause. This way, you don’t have to make yourself disgusting right before your date in order to impress her. All you have to do is spray a little pherx cologne on yourself before you leave, and her subconscious will kick into high gear with sexual (or at least friendlier) thoughts. Not only that, but because it is a chemical that mimics pheromones, none of the consequences such as awful smell or damp sweaty clothes need to be factored in. Spray yourself a couple of times and the job is done.

Because pheromones have a subconscious reaction and not an overt one, it is tough to notice if there has been any effect at first, but after gradual usage, you will notice more women being nice to you or noticing you. Men will be more respectful towards you. With all that information in tow, it’s a wonder pheromones weren’t made so readily available sooner. No need to stand back and be a wallflower with endless beauty supplies in your medicine cabinets any longer. Go out and seize life with a single bottle.

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