Secrets of Attracting Women

When you search how to attract women on Google, even when you ask your friends, you’ll just have result after result recommending you this or that cologne, type a through type z beauty products, etc. The list goes on and on of these little tricks, but it’s time to face the truth. Life doesn’t have loopholes. It’s almost comical to find those ads on the sides of web pages stating “six weird words that make women aroused.” Since when was life a video game where the code for getting infinite girlfriends was as simple as saying a string of random words out loud? No, life just isn’t that easy, and it would be wrong to assume that it is.

The bottom line of it is, there isn’t anything you can go out and buy that will magically make women want you if they weren’t already interested. There is however, a weapon you have already had your entire life, a weapon that everyone has, that most people don’t know they are using and don’t know how to use. If you haven’t guessed it yet, the greatest weapon to fight off loneliness is pheromones, and you already have them.

Inevitably the first thing that comes to mind is “if I already have them then how come I’m unable to attract women?” Well, how often do you shower? Pheromones are released when we sweat, when we urinate. When we expel most bodily fluids, some pheromones are released.  However, if you want to have a pheromone level emanating off of you that will really gather a lot of attention, and you’re going to go all natural, then you’re probably going to look like a bloody sweaty, urine-soaked, drooling mess. Society’s standards of cleanliness make sure e keep ourselves generally clean, but when we clean ourselves is when we wash away all those bodily secretions that are supposed to make us so irresistible? Isn’t there some kind of medium that can be reached?

There is one product you can buy though that will actually give you tangible results and that is pheromones in bottle, offered by such sites as These bottled sex signals only require a few sprays on your skin before you’re hitting the dance floor with more ladies than you were before. Pheromones are a real chemical that our body secretes that excites the opposite sex sexually, and with a high enough dose, you’re sure to see results. But only with the bottled stuff are you able to douse yourself enough without sacrificing your image.

Some may argue that it’s just cologne. As it comes in a spray bottle, it could be considered a type of cologne. But, when you go out to the store and buy cologne, the scent is usually only attractive to a select few. You put it on before you hit the clubs so that you can hit as many people as possible with the scent and attract people by process of elimination. Pheromones are attractive with a much wider audience and will definitely get you more attention. After all, isn’t that why nature created them?

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