Why are women so complicated?

“Why are women so complicated?”

How often have you heard that question floating around the water cooler at work? It’s a cliché as old as the human race, men are direct about their emotions and feelings and women are endlessly mysterious. Some may argue that this is just a meaningless stereotype, while others may be able to point out a lot of truth in it. Whatever your feelings on the issue, for a while researchers have been claiming to have found an answer to the female equation, insight into what attracts them. The answer comes in one word: Pheromones.

Have you ever had a day where you do your best to look attractive, putting on your nicest outfit, dabbing a few drops of expensive cologne in all the right places, treating your hair to make it more suave and bouncy, only to continue losing women to people who put no thought into their appearance. It turns out that appearances aren’t everything.

This person likely has a higher concentration of pheromones that their body produces, and the worst thing is, if your body doesn’t produce enough pheromones to make women notice you’ there’s not much you can do about it. Actually that may have been the case a hundred years ago, but scientists and researchers have put a lot of work into figuring out how to bottle the stuff, and luckily these days it’s as simple as ordering some on the internet. Purchase a bottle or two from a site like Pherx.com, and within days, you’ll be having sex appeal literally delivered to your doorstep. Could life be any easier?

After reading all that you might still be wondering what pheromones actually are. These are airborne chemicals that are naturally excreted from the human body when you sweat or urinate. When they are breathed in, they are routed through a special organ in the nose and translated by the emotion center of the brain, which results directly in heightened sexual arousal in members of the opposite sex. This is how people with a sloppy appearance and negative qualities still manage to have beautiful woman following them around.

Of course, pheromones won’t always be a deal maker. It is impossible to tell exactly how someone will react when exposed to them, or even if they will react at all. Every response they generate is a subconscious one, and one that affected individuals probably wouldn’t be able to explain. With that information you may find yourself wondering why you’d want to invest in something like that, but consider your cologne usage.

When you take a shower, when you spray yourself with your favorite cologne afterwards, all you are doing is masking your own natural scent, the scent which will result in you getting a lot more attention from women. Our attempts to clean ourselves, while making us look at least aesthetically appealing, renders our chemical appeal completely inert. While regular cologne might have a pleasant scent, it won’t exactly have women crawling all over you. And considering that the average bottle of pheromones provided by Pherx.com is actually around the same price as a normal bottle of cologne, it is easy to see which the worthiest target for your cash is.

Now it is important to mention that while pheromones have been continually proven to be highly effective at drawing in members of the opposite sex, a few sprays here and there isn’t going to make you a total sex magnet. This stuff is a human concoction that is secreted on a daily basis, not love potion. However, faithful use of pheromone products will result in more attention from the opposite sex, if nothing else. Women will probably become more touchy-feely with you and will probably laugh harder at your bad jokes, but that doesn’t mean they will instantly fall into bed with you. While hormonal triggers do affect much of human behavior, you can’t rely purely on hormones to do everything.

The chemicals contained in a bottle of hormones generally do affect the way that men appear to other women. Women will find you more attractive physically, more interesting, and strangely enough, they will perceive you as more intelligent, if you simply happen to have the right scent. So while Pherx.com’s product isn’t magic, it will result in you receiving more positive attention from females, more respect from men, and better professional and romantic relationships. Once you get into the swing of things and begin using it regularly, it may even help increase your self esteem.

Don’t just bathe in it when you get it though. First you should test it on a small part of your skin to make sure you’re not allergic. If you are, you may return it for a full refund. But if it works out for you, put it on and relish it. In no time you’ll know just what it’s like to be a total Adonis.

Have fun, but be responsible you Casanova in training, you.

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