Mystery Boy Review

Mystery Boy is marketed as a pheromone spray that can help gay men attract other gay men and add more spice to their sex life. This product has been growing in popularity with some gay men, but recent reports of complaints concerning the effectiveness of this product leaves doubt as to whether it actually works. The marketing campaign conducted upon the release of this product for gay men could be wearing off. Customers could finally be coming to the conclusion that Mystery Boy could be just another product making claims it just can’t back. This could lead to less gay men deciding to give this product a try.

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Overall Impression

Mystery Boy appears too many gay men to be just another product claiming to be pheromone cologne capable of making them more attractive to other men. The lack of scientific evidence to back the claims being made about this product seems to be having a negative effect on current sales of Mystery Boy. It could be that more and more gay men that have tried this product are starting to agree that this product just doesn’t seem to work for them.

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