Pheromones for Gay Men

Mystery Boy Review

TweetMystery Boy is marketed as a pheromone spray that can help gay men attract other gay men and add more spice to their sex life. This product has been growing in popularity with some gay men, but recent reports of complaints concerning the effectiveness of this product leaves doubt as to whether it actually works. […]

Gay Pherazone Review

TweetGay Pherazone is a product marketed as pheromone cologne capable of driving gay men crazy and improving your social life. This product has grown in popularity recently and its popularity appears to be holding strong, but there have been some complaints by gay men that this product just doesn’t seem to work for them. The […]

l’uomo Amore Review

TweetL’uomo Amore is a product marketed as pheromone cologne gay men can wear in social situations to help make them more attractive to other gay men. This product has been tried by lots of gay men during recent times and the reviews of this product have been average at best. The popularity of this product […]

Pherone G-3 Review

TweetPherone Formula G-3 is marketed as a product containing a one of a kind blend of pheromones to help gay men attract other men. The manufacturer and seller claim this product can help gay men find and attract more men and give them a strong male aura. Unfortunately, the current customer reviews of Pherone Formula […]

PherX for Gay Men

Tweet This is a brand that has been on the market for a long time.  Since 2002, PherX is one of the first pheromone products available.    They have versions for Men, Women and Gay/Lesbian.  I was introducted to PherX when I seen them profiled on the 20/20 story about pheromones where they did an experiment […]