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L’uomo Amore is a product marketed as pheromone cologne gay men can wear in social situations to help make them more attractive to other gay men. This product has been tried by lots of gay men during recent times and the reviews of this product have been average at best. The popularity of this product seems to be decreasing after a period when gay men were giving this product at try. It could be that the marketing hype the manufacturer and seller were able to create around L’uomo Amore could be winding down. The reviews by other gay men could definitely have a negative effect on sales of this product in the months ahead.

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Overall Impression

L’uomo Amore is pheromone cologne that has had its day in the sun, but it appears this product is starting to become less popular with gay men trying to find something to help them attract other gay men. The number one most important thing in any pheromone cologne is customers must believe the product will help them be more attractive to other gay men. This doesn’t appear to be the case with a large percentage of gay men that have tried this product and moved on to other choices.

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