Gay Pherazone Review

Gay Pherazone is a product marketed as pheromone cologne capable of driving gay men crazy and improving your social life. This product has grown in popularity recently and its popularity appears to be holding strong, but there have been some complaints by gay men that this product just doesn’t seem to work for them. The manufacturer and seller of Gay Pherazone make claims of this product being scientifically tested, but we could find no hard data to support their claims of this product being having been tested by FDA officials. This fact and recent customer complaints could lead to some gay men deciding to check out other products, rather than taking a chance on Gay Pherazone.

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Overall Impression

Gay Pherazone appears to be a knockoff of the versions of this product for men and women. There are some serious doubts in the minds of many gay men as to whether this product actually works. This combined with the lack of hard scientific data to support the claims concerning the ability of this product to help gay men attract other gay men could be enough to turn a lot of gay  men off of this product.

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Does Gay Pherazone really work?

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