Pherone Formula V-5 Review

Pherone Formula V-5 is another product on the market that claims to be a pheromone cologne that can help men attract more women. The manufacturer and seller claim this product has ultra pure human pheromones that make women feel more comfortable, happy and sexy in the presence of men. Customer reviews of this product indicate there are men that think this product helped them in the battle between the sexes. There are also other men who are thinking they should get their money back because they couldn’t see any difference in the reaction of women.

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Overall Impression:

Pherone Formula V-5 is a product that doesn’t appear to live up to the claims of the manufacturer and seller. The customer reviews of this product seem to indicate that only a small percentage of men trying this product thought that it worked for them. There are men who say this product helped them meet more women, but at this point there seems some doubt as to the reasons why.

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