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Perception Spray is marketed as pheromone cologne that can help men attract more women by BDC Concepts. Manufacturer and sell make big claims on the ability of this product to help men attract more women. This product is now available in a new gel form the manufacturer claims will be the next great delivery system for pheromone colognes. Previous sales of this product indicate a percentage of men gave this product a try, but many of these men appear to have moved onto another product. The company could be hoping the introduction of the gel form of their product will help boost sales, but this could be false hope as customers might be scared to give this product another try.

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Overall Impression

Perception Spray is a product that appears to have reached the peak of its popularity with men trying to attract women. It could be the marketing hype created around this product is starting to wear off and some men are starting to realise this product might not work for them. We could see Perception Spray starting to lose the market share this product did gather during the past few years in the months ahead.

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