Alfa Maschio Review

Alfa Maschio was released by creator Alpha Dream, an American based company, around 2005 and since this time strong marketing has helped this product get noticed. Alpha Dream claims Alfa Maschio contains four different high quality human pheromones at levels greater than any other product on the market. These human pheromones supposedly send a chemical signal to sexually aggressive women of all ages that make Alfa Maschio the “Bad Boy” of pheromone colognes.

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Overall Impression

Alpha Dream’s Alfa Maschio makes big claims of being able to attract sexually aggressive women using four active human pheromones. Unfortunately, the company provides no scientific data to support their claims that Alfa Maschio has been independently tested, and these claims appear to be marketing hype. The product is on sale currently, but is still expensive, and discounts and bonus packages aren’t currently being marketed. Suggest customers look at other pheromone colognes and products that provide scientific data to support claims of active human pheromones.

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