PherX Review

This is a brand that has been on the market for a long time.  Since 2002, PherX is one of the first pheromone products available.    They have versions for Men, Women and Gay/Lesbian.  I was introducted to PherX when I seen them profiled on the 20/20 story about pheromones where they did an experiment with 2 sets of twins to see if pheromones work.    After watching the video back in 2005, I ordered PherX and definately noticed results.  I have been an active pheromone user since.

Product Details:

PherX contains the highest amount of pheromone available and it comes in a full 1 ounce (30ml) bottle.  The main active ingredients in PherX are Androstadienone, Androstenol, Androstenone and

Pheromones for MenAndrosterone.  The female version incorporates copulins and Estratetraenol.

PherX Pros:

PherX Cons:

Overall Impression

PherX is the best pheromone product available and the results are amazing.  I cannot tell you how many times women have initiated conversation with me when I wear PherX…  it’s alot!    At $29.95 it is also by far the best deal.  If this is your first pheromone purchase, I definitely recommend PherX as a great one to start with.

The Top-Rated Pheromones for 2012

Buy PherX Pheromones
Buy PherX Pheromone
Ingredients: 4.8
Results: 4.9
Value: 5.0
Retail: $49.95
Special Offer: $29.95
Buy PherX Pheromones
Buy PherSpray Pheromones
Buy PherSpray Pheromones
Ingredients: 5.0
Results: 5.0
Value: 4.8
Retail: $89.95
Special Offer: $49.95
Buy PherSpray Pheromones
Buy Alpha Maschio Pheromones
Buy Alpha Maschio Pheromones
Ingredients: 4.1
Results: 3.9
Value: 4.1
Retail: $55.00
Buy Alpha Maschio

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Awesome Product! Much better than others I have tried.

It is available in India?

Yes it is…

I a bit overweight, my teeth a little yellowish, and I speak poor english(I am from Wawanko).
Took trip to Florida and had all beautiful girls compliment me on physique and smile!
One night at salsa club(I no dance too good)had one from Columbia ask me to salsa and merengue.
After I but her mojito and she kept sniffing my neck then tell me my aroma make her nice and caliente.
Went her condo in Palm Beach and….WOW!!!!

it is available in iran?

where can buy this in fresno ca

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