Do Alpha A314 Pheromones Really Work?

Alpha A314 is no joke when it comes to the gamut of pheromones being sold on the online marketplace. True to their name, the chemical focus in this batch of pheromones is meant to evoke within the wearer, a sense of masculinity and power that the user is normally not able to exercise in their daily lives without the aid of products like it. There are many pheromone products out there that claim to have the same effect on the wearer, however these are not as specialized as the Alpha A314 formula is. These other pheromone products attempt to evoke feelings of comfort and friendliness for strangers as well as sexual attraction and dominance for the wearer. This split in the focus of these products is what causes them to fall short in one area or the other. Alpha A314 knows exactly what it is going for. But how well does it do what it is trying to do, and does it have other useful applications?

Alpha A314 has a formula that is highly tailored for businessmen and professionals working on making sure that they are trusted by crowds and respected in their positions. It does this by including the chemical found in natural human pheromones which creates a sense of strength and leadership qualities in the person that the scent is emanating from. This chemical is called Andrenone and an application of this will ensure that those around you will begin to give you more authority and respect once they catch a whiff of your scent. Most reviews of this product are strongly positive, but taking a closer look at them, it appears that all of these people use the product for the intended purpose (i.e. professionally only) and nothing else.

The Alpha A314 website states that through these feelings of strength, power, and authority, people of the opposite sex will be more attracted to you; however this is by no means a guarantee, or even the main focus of the formula. This formula is meant to make people respect you more and treat you with more authority; that is all. If there is a side effect that makes women more interested in you when you use it, then this is great, but it is far from the norm.

Most pheromone users prefer a more comprehensive treatment like that found in competitor products such as PherX or PherSpray. These pheromone products are a little more well-rounded and allow the user to achieve that same level of social strength along with a greater guarantee of sexual attraction, which is a promise that is much more than Alpha A314 can deliver. Also, something to note about Alpha A314 is that because the formula is so strong and potent, it needs to be applied in very specific doses. If you are unfamiliar with it, you may end up putting too little on and causing the effects to be drastically cut down or you may end up putting on far too much and inspiring fear and anger rather than respect. This is certainly not a product for beginners. Buyer beware.

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