Do Arouse-Rx Pheromones Really Work?

Arouse-RX pheromones are among some of the most talked about brands in the market today when it comes to natural pheromones. Unlike the synthetic kinds being cheaply developed by some companies, Arouse-RX boasts that they only use pure reagent-grade sex pheromones found directly in humans. As an additional way of drawing in customers, this brand also claims that it contains the strongest pheromone concentration of any product like it, and is the only merchant allowed to sell a chemical so strong in the United States. They contain formulations designed to attract both men and women, and allegedly have a 30 day money back guarantee. One last shred of noteworthy information is that according to the Arouse-RX homepage, rather than using two different types of pheromones in their mixture, Arouse makes sure to incorporate the four main pheromone compounds found in the human body into their mixture for a final product that is sure to make you irresistible to the opposite sex. Once you put all of the sensational advertising aside though, does Arouse-RX do the job right? Do the exciting claims made by the company actually lead to a more active romantic life, or is it all empty information?

Like any product, there are a few things that Arouse-RX does well and there are a few things that can be improved. One great thing about Arouse-RX for example, is their competitive pricing. While some pheromones can sell for 45-50 dollars per bottle, Arouse-RX sits at a cool 30 dollars. Yet there is also some confusion over pricing. Searching for a single 10ml bottle of Arouse-RX at the company’s homepage will display a price sitting at 100 dollars per bottle at base minimum. Taking that same search over to Amazon, you can find a bottle of the same size for 30 dollars, with further discounts for bulk purchases. You should always be wary when the homepage for a product lists a greater price than what can be found at a third party merchant.

Arouse-RX also has a simple application process according to the main site. Simply place 2-3 drops of the chemical on your pressure points and let the magic take effect. This is allegedly how it should work, however after perusal of a few websites that give a more in depth look at the product, it is suggested that you put a fragrance on first to cover up the smell of the pheromones.

Finally, authentic consumer reviews state mixed success. Some of the people that used the product testify that they are now having more trouble keeping women away, while others state that even after multiple applications past the suggested amount, they couldn’t get a woman to notice them even if they were locked in a closet together. This lack of consistency in reviews goes against the more steady success of products such as PherX and Pherspray. For a newcomer, the success of Arouse-RX is admirable, but when it comes to choosing a spray that will work for you, you might want to go with one that has already been proven to work and has a stronger track record.

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