Do Nexus Pheromones Really Work?

Nexus Pheromones is yet another pheromone spray brand that has sprung up in recent times promising to make men more successful with members of the opposite sex using only the power of smell. Their website even takes it to the next level, trying their best to let you know how effective their product can be, stating that their chemical concoction will bypass all rationality in women and tap into their ancient animal instincts. This sounds great, if a bit derogatory or demeaning to women. Nexus definitely sounds like it is a company that knows its audience well, and they certainly aren’t the gentlemanly type. But manners and social conventions aside, will Nexus make good on its claim to get women to notice you more often than not? Nexus undoubtedly puts forth something new and refreshing in their product that is not normally seen on the market, but let’s take a look at both their strengths and their weaknesses.

Nexus is one of the few pheromone brands that attempts to extend itself beyond its comfort zone by including more than just the four main pheromone chemicals in their formula. In fact, a quick trip to their website will tell you that instead of using four, they use seven different proprietary chemicals found in human pheromones.

In that same passage on their website there is a little breakdown for you of what each chemical is supposed to do, and in what way each of the included chemicals will lead you to a greater sex life than you have previously been experiencing. This is a nicely informative passage; however, it fails to mention that there is a reason that most other brands only focus on 2-4 of the main chemicals found in natural human pheromones. This is because those are the most important ones. The average pheromone user is going to put on a spray or two to help relax co-workers at a business meeting or to quickly break the ice and get some sexual attention at the clubs.

The Nexus formula may be comprehensive, but their lack of focus is what leads to decreased results, not increased ones. Every human has some sort of natural human pheromone production. The only reason pheromone sprays sell at all is because customers want to increase the effectiveness of certain chemicals they already produce in order to receive a desired outcome, such as being more desirable sexually or having people be more at ease around them. This is what more specialized sprays such as PherX or PherSpray do for you.

The closer a mixture comes to emulating actual human pheromones, the more diluted the mixture becomes, and thus, the less likely a person is to end up with their desired result. Why would anyone pay 50 dollars for a product that they already produce naturally? Nexus may do well at acting like real pheromones, but it won’t be the magic serum to solve all of your sex problems until the kinks are worked out in the formula.

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I would like to know if pherx really work before I buy it ?

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