Do NPA Pheromones Really Work?

NPA Pheromones are some of the most noteworthy pheromones on the market purely from all of the coverage they have been getting by various review sites and men’s online magazines. There has to be a reason for this coverage though. To an extent, a good review or two can function as a platform for a product to really get out there and be marketed to a wider, more aware audience. However, past that first success, it is all up to the merits of the product itself to convince people to continue buying and using it. Thus, there must be something intrinsically good about NPA Pheromones that keep customers coming back and that keep people using them. What makes NPA Pheromones so successful, and do they really work? Find out below.

NPA is a highly specialized pheromone utilizing the power of the chemical androstenone, known for being directly correlated to feelings of sexual attraction. Rather than coming in a spray bottle, the product is meant to be applied in drops to the skin, so that the strength is even greater than the average bottle of pheromones.  The concentration of androstenone is so high that it can have massive effects which may either cause the woman you are on a date with to attempt to jump your bones before you can even make it to the bedroom, or it can result in you overdosing on the fumes yourself and having to deal with headaches and intense flares of aggression which could potentially be very off-putting to you and/or your date.

Unfortunately the focus on one type of chemical found in pheromones means that the other main three chemicals are being disregarded entirely, putting the mixture off balance. If you would prefer not to take the chance of an overdose or prefer to have all of your four chemical bases covered (rather than just Androstenone) you should stick to something more comprehensive and less intense such as PherX or PherSpray.

One thing which should be noted though is that if you know what you are doing with NPA Pheromones than you will see great success, but this is not something for the faint of heart or for the inexperienced by any means. Casual pheromone users will usually use a spray that covers all of the four main chemicals which make up common human pheromone secretions. If you are experienced enough to know what emotions and feelings you are trying to elicit from the person you are in an engagement with, then NPA pheromones would be perfect for you. This is the chemical in pheromones which focuses less on feelings of general attraction, trust, friendship, and intellectual interest, choosing instead to attempt to harness raw sexual energy and aggressive potential in you and your female partner. If you are a pheromone expert then make sure not to let NPA slip past you. If all you are looking for is a test run, or a tried and true formula that is safety assured, you might do best hunting down a different product.

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