Do Pherazone Pheromones Really Work?

Pherazone pheromones claim to be Europe’s number one selling pheromone on the main page of their website. The truth of this statement is suspect at best, since no source documents are referenced that this claim could possibly be traced from. Despite this little tidbit, Pherazone seems to be a product that is worth checking out. It comes in a bottle that looks a lot like cologne, and the product promises to give you a designer smell along with a little extra kick of pheromones to keep the ladies interested past the first whiff. While some brands of pheromones choose not to utilize fragrances in their composition, this is one of the few that does, and also claims to offer a competitive concentration of pheromones that will be sure to get you more attention from the opposite sex. Just like any brand of pheromones though, customers have experienced mixed results, and this product has its share of positives and negatives associated with it.

One of the main appeals of the Pherazone spray is the fragrance. Most of the popular pheromone sprays do not come with fragrance. To some this is seen as a very positive thing. If the pheromones are not able to draw someone in entirely, then the fragrance will be more readily noticeable to the senses of the person you are attempting to attract. However, the use of fragrance in pheromone products has also been heavily criticized. The concentration of fragrance in the mixture of pheromones only serves to dilute the overall composition and makes it more difficult for the pheromones to work at all. Those that are even more critical of the inclusion of fragrance would suggest that the smell is there only to cover up for a product which is otherwise entirely useless.

Further evidence of the suspect reputation of the Pherazone name is that the homepage of the Pherazone website uses logos of esteemed sites such as WebMD, BBC World News, ABC News, and CNN. You’ll notice though, that when giving them a closer look, the information expressed in the quotes has nothing to do with Pherazone itself. These sites just talk about pheromones in general and Pherazone tries to piggyback off of the branding of these already well established sources in order to further their own profit.

Focusing more on the product itself, Pherazone seems to have fairly strong reviews. There are some disgruntled customers of every product, but for Pherazone these seem to be few and far between. This might make a consumer want to purchase the product immediately, but upon closer inspection it seems that the concentration of pheromones offered in this particular spray is generally less than that offered in sprays of similar caliber. And for a price that is three times greater than that of other leading brands such as PherX and PherSpray, the product does little to prove that it isn’t a big waste of money for the substandard quality it offers. Most of the positive reviews of Pherazone tend to focus on the nice smelling fragrance, which may be all well and good, but the fact is, this product is not cologne, it is meant to be a pheromone spray. It is supposed to attract women to you through sheer animal magnetism rather than just making you smell nice. A nice smelling scent versus a strong dose of pheromones is the difference between a woman having fond thoughts about you in passing and a woman ending up in bed with you that night. Which would you prefer?

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