Do Pure Instinct Pheromones Really Work?

Pure Instinct is a pheromone product that has only recently thrown its hat in the ring, so to speak. Their claim is that women will feel more at ease around you when you use the product and that dating will become much easier. The bottle that it comes in has a much more flowery font and very inoffensive illustrations making it look more like a woman’s perfume than a man’s best friend which is what it tries to be. Unfortunately it is hard to judge just how effective Pure Instinct is since actual reviews are sparse and the product itself is so new to the scene. Some men have allegedly used it to great success, but it seems that an overwhelming majority were left wondering whether Pure Instinct helped out at all or whether it was just another bottle of water and alcohol like so many other pheromone brands turn out to be.

Unfortunately their concerns are much more real than a consumer would like to imagine, since as it turns out, the active ingredients can’t be found anywhere on the bottle. There is a small script stating that it contains chemicals which are found in real human pheromones, but this is the only evidence that there is anything worthwhile in the solution and to a skeptic this information sounds shaky at best.

The price is very cheap. It usually sells for about 26 dollars per bottle for a 15 ml bottle, but a few internet searches can bring up merchants that will sell the product on sale for as low as 9 dollars. With some of the leading competitor products out there like PherX and PherSpray selling for 25 dollars for a 30 ml bottle and 50 dollars for a 30 ml bottle respectively, one has to wonder what it is that makes Pure Instinct so much less expensive. PherX is one of the cheapest and most effective pheromone solutions on the market, so it hardly makes sense that a product such as Pure Instinct is able to undercut their already low price by two thirds if it is as effective.

When it comes to decision making time though, most people want to stick with a more legitimate company that they know will be able to serve their needs. Based on how low the price is and the lack of information on the bottle, it is quite possible that Pure Instinct is indeed a solution made up of nothing more than alcohol and water. The fact is a business model that utilizes quality products would not be able to sell for such a low price. Therefore, whether Pure Instinct will work for you is a gamble. A gamble that only costs you nine dollars is not a bad gamble to take, especially if it does end up working, but a product with such a questionable business model means that your odds of winning out in the end are relatively low. It might be better to stick to a product that has better reviews and is more trustworthy.

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