Do True Pheromones Really Work?

True Pheromones seem to be one of the more prolific brands being peddled in the pheromone market if only due to creative marketing and their many sub-types. True Pheromones are much like Absolut vodka in the sense that there are so many different types within the overarching brand, like True Charisma, True Communication, True Love, True Jerk, etc. The list goes on surprisingly long. Whether it be blue or orange, flavored like lemons or blueberries, have a sans-seriff font or Times New Roman writing style on the bottle, a shot of vodka is still just a shot of vodka. In other words, no matter how the True Company tries to dress up and sell their product, they are still just selling the same formula that has been on the market for ages.

Don’t take this the wrong way though, after all, these products do get great reviews. Men that are fans of the True Company stay very loyal to it, and they are excellent at branding and making a name for themselves. Actually comparing the ingredients on the bottle though, one would be hard pressed to find much of a difference between some of the different types that they offer.

Human pheromones are very interesting. Scientists have pared down the chemical makeup and separated each hormone found in human sweat, urine, and other bodily secretions in order to find out which ones have which effect. There are a myriad of emotions that pheromones are allegedly able to influence. Some are great at establishing trust and respect for the person wearing them. Others establish lust and sexual aggression in those that catch a whiff of the scent. Still other chemicals help to wear down stress for others and make the person wearing them seem more inviting. The True Company has simply learned how to take each of these and bottle them in higher concentrations separately, with creative names and different bottles. For example, while a bottle of True Alpha will certainly contain the base pheromone chemicals that are found naturally in men and women, it will contain a higher concentration of Androstenone, the chemical known for helping the person exuding it become more respected and seen as more authoritative. A bottle of True Trust will probably contain a higher concentration of Beta-Androstenone also known as the ice-breaker pheromone. The chemical composition of these products applies well to the names they were given.

Products like True Charisma, True Jerk, or True Radiance won’t be so easy to pin down though. In fact, no discernible chemical difference can be found between these and other low quality pheromone brands. Basically, pheromones offered by the true company are great for those that are well versed in pheromones and know what kind of effect they want to have on a woman when they use the stuff. But this company does not seem to possess a general more well rounded product like that which can be found elsewhere in products such as PherX and PherSpray which offer an experience more akin to what real human pheromones would offer without all of the extra fluff or confusion.

Again, True pheromones know what kind of market they are trying to reach and are experts at using internet campaigns to make sure that their product ends up in the hands of more and more men day by day, but when you want a product that is a little more trustworthy and comprehensive, go with a competitor.

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