The Best Pheromones of 2012

With the amount of research that has been going into pheromone research recently, synthetic and natural pheromone products have been springing up left and right in a bid to become the best. Every year since the early 2000’s it has seemed as if the new brands have been heaping up exponentially. The sheer amount of products out on the market now makes it hard to weed out the good from the bad, but there are a few products which have always seemed to come out on top as well as a few newcomers that have been doing very well.

As a way of making sure that people in the market for pheromones are being kept in the loop on all of the newest developments and all of the finest products available to them without having to deal with all of the chaff, we have compiled a short list of the top 3 best pheromone products of 2011. Hopefully this list will be educational to all those who are looking to make an educated and informed purchase of the best that the pheromone market has to offer this year. All that said, we now proudly present the best pheromones of 2011.

3. Alfa Maschio

Coming in at number 3 is Alfa Maschio. This is a very well designed product developed by an Italian company that knows a lot about both marketing and advertising. The solution comes in a nice glass bottle and is a crisp clear mixture of pheromones and cologne that promises to sexually awaken aggressive women of all ages and cause them to be very attracted to the wearer. The company is also very upfront about all of the ingredients in their solution which is rare in this particular industry and should be noted as a positive thing. While there is some dispute as to the claims that Alfa Maschio makes about being able to attract women, it is still a consumer favorite and has gotten very positive reviews. This customer support, along with strong sales figures, are what makes Alfa Maschio a shoe-in for number 3 on the list of the best pheromones of 2011.

2. PherSpray

PherSpray is a product which has just made its way into the online market fairly recently. It maintains a formula which is reported to be much more effective then the pick for third place, Alfa Maschio and comes in at around 30 dollars cheaper than that to boot. Despite the fact that it is new on the market, positive reviews for PherSpray have been flying in left and right, so much so that vendors are having trouble keeping it in stock. PherSpray has a winning formula that will have women swarming to you after just a single spray which is what makes this the number two pick for the best Pheromones of 2012.

1. PherX

PherX takes the first place in the list of the best Pheromones of 2012. It has been on the top of the pheromone food chain since it was established in the market in 2002, and has shown no signs of letting up in quality. A constant stream of positive reviews has been flooding in ever since it appeared in online stores, and these have not let up, even 9 years later. Customers are still satisfied with the balance that PherX provides and it is part of what PherX prides itself on so much. Their delicate formula helps bring in respect to men in the business place and fuels raw sexual energy in the bedroom. After using PherX, those that women normally wouldn’t give a second glance to will start to see much more dating success than they could have ever imagined. This is the core reason that PherX is the number 1 choice for the best pheromones of 2011, in its entire time on the market, it has not been surpassed, and 2012 has been no exception to that.

The Top-Rated Pheromones for 2012

Buy PherX Pheromones
Buy PherX Pheromone
Ingredients: 4.8
Results: 4.9
Value: 5.0
Retail: $49.95
Special Offer: $29.95
Buy PherX Pheromones
Buy PherSpray Pheromones
Buy PherSpray Pheromones
Ingredients: 5.0
Results: 5.0
Value: 4.8
Retail: $89.95
Special Offer: $49.95
Buy PherSpray Pheromones
Buy Alpha Maschio Pheromones
Buy Alpha Maschio Pheromones
Ingredients: 4.1
Results: 3.9
Value: 4.1
Retail: $55.00
Buy Alpha Maschio

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