Marilyn Miglin for Women Review

Marilyn Miglin for Women refers to a product marketed as Pheromone perfume, which was launched by the Marilyn Miglin design house in 1980. This product has been tried by thousands of women since this time, with varying results. Some women trying this product report no increase in men being attracted to them, while others swear this product has helped them with men. There are people who think this product isn’t pheromone perfume at all. The marketing campaign conducted surrounding this product could have a lot to do with the number of women that have tried Marilyn Miglin for Women. This marketing campaign appears to be winding down and there are reports of this product starting to sell less than during the height of the marketing campaign.

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Overall Impression

Does Marilyn Miglin Pheromone Really Work? Marilyn Miglin for Women appears to be a product that has been hyped by a strong marketing campaign into a pheromone perfume. Reports from some women indicate they think this product is totally useless for helping women meet more men. We’re not sure what the future for Marilyn Miglin for Women will be, but we find it hard to believe this product will be found in the bathrooms and bedrooms of more and more women in the future.

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I have used Pheromone for the past 17 years. I have so many people (mostly men) tell me how wonderful I smell. I would not be with out it.

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