Pheromax Review

Pheromax is a product that was created using German technology to make you feel superior according to the company selling this pheromone cologne. One of the newer pheromone products on the market, Pheromax is being hyped by sellers as the one pheromone cologne that really does help men attract women. Customer reviews on this pheromone product have been mixed, with some men loving this product, and others thinking Pheromax doesn’t really work. Some people believe his product has been quickly brought on the market to take advantage of the growing desire of men around the world to attract women. The marketing campaign of the sellers has had some success and Pheromax has been growing a little in popularity during the past few months.

Product Details:

Active ingredients: 2 mg of androstenol and mg of androstenone

Solution size: 14 ml

Guarantee: 30 day money back

Price: $79.95

Pheromax Pros:

Product bottle is reusable

Some customers reporting this product works report the effect lasts up to seven hours

German engineering

You can add this product to your favourite cologne to get the scent you want

Pheromax Cons:

Some customers claim this pheromone cologne doesn’t work and the marketing campaign is all advertising hype.

This pheromone cologne is expensive

Pheromax is unscented

Overall Impression

Do Pheromax Pheromones Really Work? Pheromax is one of the newer pheromone colognes on the market and for this reason alone some men are going to give it a try. The question at this time is whether or not this pheromone product can actually help men attract women? Some customers have found this product to be totally ineffective in attracting the opposite sex, while others claims this product works as advertised.

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