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Do Pherlure Pheromones Really Work?

TweetIt seems like with the release of every new scientific article related to pheromone research, there is a new pheromone product springing up to complement it. While the presence of pheromones in human sweat has been common knowledge for some time, the onset of the technological revolution brought on by the internet has created an […]

Do Pherazone Pheromones Really Work?

TweetPherazone pheromones claim to be Europe’s number one selling pheromone on the main page of their website. The truth of this statement is suspect at best, since no source documents are referenced that this claim could possibly be traced from. Despite this little tidbit, Pherazone seems to be a product that is worth checking out. […]

Do NPA Pheromones Really Work?

TweetNPA Pheromones are some of the most noteworthy pheromones on the market purely from all of the coverage they have been getting by various review sites and men’s online magazines. There has to be a reason for this coverage though. To an extent, a good review or two can function as a platform for a […]

Do Nexus Pheromones Really Work?

TweetNexus Pheromones is yet another pheromone spray brand that has sprung up in recent times promising to make men more successful with members of the opposite sex using only the power of smell. Their website even takes it to the next level, trying their best to let you know how effective their product can be, […]

Do Max Attraction Silk Pheromones Really Work?

TweetMax Attraction Silk is one of those products taking the forefront these days in pheromone concentrations being developed specifically for use by females. Just so there is no confusion, this means that this formula is designed specifically to be applied by women in order to attract males. This is a market which is all too […]

Do Max Attraction Gold Pheromones Really Work?

TweetMax Attraction Gold is a brand that is hard to find information about, and this is not a good sign. When you are shopping for a product as finicky as pheromone spray, consumer reports and unbiased reviews are your best friend. You will get the straight dirt on whether a product really works or not […]

Do Liquid Trust Pheromones Really Work?

TweetLiquid Trust Pheromones take a unique approach to the dating game by providing a dose of oxytocin along with the standard chemicals that are usually associated with pheromones and other pheromone sprays. The claim made by Vero Labs, the company behind Liquid Trust, is that their product will create those same feelings of sexual attraction […]

Do Chikara Pheromones Really Work?

TweetChikara dresses itself up as a professional looking kind of cologne, but it ends up looking like a bargain bin reject at a Bed Bath and Beyond in the middle of nowhere. The claim made by the creator of Chikara is that it will help men attract women through the power of pheromones which is […]

Do Arouse-Rx Pheromones Really Work?

TweetArouse-RX pheromones are among some of the most talked about brands in the market today when it comes to natural pheromones. Unlike the synthetic kinds being cheaply developed by some companies, Arouse-RX boasts that they only use pure reagent-grade sex pheromones found directly in humans. As an additional way of drawing in customers, this brand […]

Do Alpha A314 Pheromones Really Work?

TweetAlpha A314 is no joke when it comes to the gamut of pheromones being sold on the online marketplace. True to their name, the chemical focus in this batch of pheromones is meant to evoke within the wearer, a sense of masculinity and power that the user is normally not able to exercise in their […]